Q. What days of the week can I have a wedding or funeral in Ireland?

Any day of the week specified by your chosen venue.

Q. Are you a Humanist?

No I am not a Humanist.   I respect the right of everyone to their own beliefs.  But I can create you a personal, meaninful and memorable non-Religous funeral ceremony if that is what you are seeking.

Q. Are you a Spiritualist?

No I am not a member of the Spiritualists.  But I can certainly create you a beautiful personal, meaningful and memorable Spiritual ceremony if that is what you are seeking.

Q. Can you help us with ceremony ideas?

Yes, that’s why I am The Creative Celebrant.  I love to give you suggestions and ideas, to help you to create and develop your ideas from inside your own imagination!

Q. I Don’t know which venue for our ceremony, can you help me?

Yes of course.  I can give you tips based on my experience with the most recommended venues in your area.

Q. We want the ceremony in the country, will you travel?

Yes of course.  I travel anywhere within Ireland, depending on your requirements.