FAQ – Weddings

Q. What days of the week can I be married in Ireland?

You can now be married on any day of the week.

Q. How do I get married in Ireland?

You must make your NOIM (Notification of Intention to Marry) appointment at the HSE Registrar Office at least 3 months before your proposed wedding date, and book a Civil Registrar to complete your marriage registration form.

You can read a good article about it here: http://corkcelebrant.ie/?p=409

Q. Will my wedding be legally recognized in Ireland?

I am not currently registered to conduct a legal wedding in Ireland.   However if you wish your ceremony to be a legal marriage, I can arrange for a registered Marriage Solemniser to join me and conduct the legal parts if you wish.   Your legal marriage vows and legal document signing can be beautifully and seamlessly integrated into your wedding ceremony if you wish.  Please ask me about this option as it can be done

Happy couples and guests alike have commented how beautiful this combined ceremony is.  There are several options for this, which I can discuss with you at your no-obligation free consultation.

Note: You will need two witnesses with photo ID , plus your own photo ID for the signing of your legal marriage documents.

Q. Where can I be married in Ireland?

In Ireland you can be married at any location with a building on the land, which is generally open to the public without hindrance or cost.    With so many amazing wedding locations throughout this beautiful country, you can now make the right choice!

*Please note:  In Ireland, legal marriage ceremonies can only be performed at venues which have a building on them, with an identifiable address, which are generally open to the public.  If you wish to have your wedding ceremony at a spectacular private location, and require your marriage to be legally recognised in Ireland, the legal part of your ceremony, ie. the document signing, can be performed at different location on the same date, in order to comply with legal requirements.  If you have a question, just ask me.  I can help you to make just about anything possible!

Q. How much is your Professional fee?

There is no charge for your first no-obligation consultation with me.  This can be either by phone, Skype or in person depending on what’s most suitable for you.  During your initial consultation you will receive a quote based on my all-inclusive fee.   For this fee I promise to invest a minimum of 20 hours of my time into the necessary preparation, planning and delivery of your ceremony.  I will ensure that your wedding ceremony exceeds your expectations, because you deserve the best!

Q. What is included in your Standard Fee?

I will provide my standard inclusations when you request a quotation.  I go above and beyond my call of duty to ensure that your ceremony is every bit as special as you deserve it to be!  My list of standard inclusions will be provided by email  following your free consultation.

Q. What are your extra costs?

My extra costs are limited to:

  • Extra travel cost and accomodation is applicable for weddings outside of Ireland ;
  • Ceremony re-printing charge may be incurred if final ceremony requires changes within 7 days of your wedding.

Q. What are your hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs.  All costs will be quoted during initial consultation, you will be fully aware of all costs at the time of booking my services.

Q. Do you have a backup Celebrant?

Good question, and I have the best answer –  Yes!  I always have a backup celebrant on standby should the unexpected occur.   For complete peace of mind, you can be assured that your Ceremony will go ahead just as beautifully as it’s meant to be, no matter what happens.  Because you deserve the best!

Q. Why should I choose you?

There are so many good reasons why you should choose me as your Celebrant.   No.1 is that I listen to your needs and will ensure that your marriage ceremony exceeds your expectations.  I am honoured to be part of such a special day, and I never take that for granted.

I have seen many changes in the Celebrant industry in my homeland Australia over the past 20 years.  I bring a wealth of professional knowledge and experience to my Celebrancy work in Ireland to ensure that your day is every bit as special as you want it to be, because you deserve the best!

Here in Ireland Church weddings are fast becoming so “yesterday”, as people realise they really do have more options.  Just like in countries such as Australia and the USA, you really can have full control over the design and delivery of your wedding ceremony, any day of the week, any location.  The time of the Independant Celebrant is definitley here and here to stay!

You can have your wedding at any location, on any day of the week, at any time.  You are not restricted to certain venues, or to certain days of the week.  This gives you the flexibility you really need to be in complete control of your dream wedding ceremony right here in Ireland!

I am not restricted by the Rites of a particular organisation or religion, so I can create a customised ceremony to suit your individual beliefs.  Non-Religious or Religious, Secular or Spiritual, I can help you create the magical, meaningful ceremony to suit your exact requirements.  At your request I can also combine ceremony styles from different faiths, to help you to create a ceremony which is truly unique and meaningful for your special day.

People choose me because they want nothing but the best possible service!

Q. When can we see you?

Your free consultation can be either in person, by phone or by Skype, at any time convenient to you, day or night.  During this first Consultation you will receieve my quote with no hidden costs, which is valid for 7 days.

But please contact me right away, to make sure that your chosen date is available then we can make an appointment for your free Consultation.

I am available for Consultation at any day or time convenient to you.

If you prefer to phone or text: 085 831 3437 ( Same day reply within hours )
or Email: sharon (at) corkcelebrant (dot) ie  ( I will reply as soon as I am back in the office )
or submit a callback request via the Contact page